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Getting to Sofia

Follow this link for more information about how to get to Sofia. 

Sofia Airport

Sofia has only one airport, Sofia Airport, which is located about 10 km away from the city centre. The airport has two terminals that are connected via a free shuttle bus operating every 30 minutes during the day. For more information on getting to and from the airport, follow this link.

Taxis are available from both terminals.

Public Transportation

Click here for general information about travel around Sofia. 

You can find your route and buy tickets for all forms of public transport at the Urban Mobility Center site. You will have the option of buying single tickets, 1-day cards and 3-day cards. You can buy tickets and day cards at kiosks throughout the city, or you can request a Sofia City Card so you can pay for your tickets or day passes online. 

Single tickets: 

A single-trip card can be bought from vending machines installed in trams and trolleybuses. It costs 1.60 lv. for 30-minutes travel or 2.20 lv. for 1 hour. It is valid for one trip only with the vehicle in which it was purchased. You can also pay for a single ride with a credit/debit card which has the contactless option on the validating machines in the vehicle, click here for more information.

1-day and 3-day cards: 

A 1-day card costs 6 lv. and will give you access to unlimited trips on all forms of public transportation for 24 hours. A 3-day card costs 15 lv and will give you access to unlimited trips on all forms of public transportation for 72 hours. 

Airport to city centre: ​

Terminal 1 - There is a free shuttle bus to Terminal 2 where you can take a bus or metro to the city centre. 

Terminal 2 - There is a direct connection from Terminal 2 to the centre of Sofia via the metro. 


Taxis are also a very good way to travel around the city. Taxi trips in Sofia generally cost between 10 and 20 lv, depending on the
distance and the traffic. Not all taxi drivers can accept payments by credit/debit card, so it is advisable that you have cash with you when you catch a taxi. When you call for a taxi, you must ask for a car equipped for credit/debit card payments. Most taxis in Sofia are yellow, though some companies use green cars. Taxi services that offer apps to call rides include: 



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